Rocky View County is well known for having some of the most competitive tax rates in Alberta. Countless businesses and industries built new facilities in Rocky View County because the long-term cost advantages were abundantly clear.


Atlus Group - Property Taxes in Rocky View County & the City of Calgary
Rocky View County Property Taxes - Altus
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We joke with site selectors and corporate executives, telling them that "once in a lifetime developments" come to Rocky View County every few months. The reality is that lower taxes in Rocky View County are no joke. Rocky View County is the best place for business.


Please see below, a few photos of some of the investments that have happened in Rocky View County over the past decade...   

 As you look at these remarkable photos, take note of the size and scale of many of these developments. Transport trucks and heavy construction equipment look tiny next to many facilities. Regional warehouses and Distribution Centers (DC's) over one million square feet are commonplace in Rocky View County. For these large, sophisticated developments, lower taxes truly make all the difference.